18 Speed Road Ranger mod H Shift

18 Speed Road Ranger mod H Shift

Thanks for downloading!
This is an 18 speed roadranger mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2
If you use a H shift pattern and wish to use this mod you MUST place the gearbox.sii into
Then set the controls as the following.
Reverse= gear shift position 1 (joystick button 8)
1st= gear shift position 2 (joystick button 9)
2nd= gear shift position 3 (joystick button 10)
3rd= gear shift position 4 (joystick button 11)
4th= gear shift position 5 (joystick button 12)
5th= gear shift position 6 (joystick button 13)
Shift toggle 1= Joystick button 1. (Red button 2nd from left)
Shift toggle 2= Joystick button 0. (Red button 1st from left)
These controls are for G27 only, (may work for others)
You can also set it up any way you would like, but this is the best.
I’ve included a picture of the shift pattern, also a video showing me playing and using the shifter.
Thank you!
*I hold no responsibility for any damage this may cause, Probably none.*
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