ETS 2 Real Environment Dimension

ETS 2 Real Environment Dimension

1: Open redexpert10s_ess2013.exe. Install to C:/Program Files/Environment Simulating Studio/Real Environment Dimension folder.
2: Open the RED – Expert 1.0S 2013 folder in installation folder.
3: Copy the EnvironmentSimulatingStudio_RED_Expert_2013.scs file to Your Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
4: Open the config.cfg file in Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder, and give the following:
uset g_texture_hd_enabled “1”
5: Start the game. Drive a little. Press ESC and Exit.
6. Check the config.cfg. If the uset g_texture_hd_enabled “1” line is disappeared, the RED is okay. The game will use the HD Effects.
7. If you like it and satisfied, write your experience to us in email.
Thankyou very much.
Environment Simulating Studio(C) 2013

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