Indonesian Mudflap Trailer Pack

Work on 1.1.1 , 1.1.3 1.3.1 and

List Mudflap :
1. Jetbus
2. Ja 500 Pelet (Jago Pelet)
3. Janda 1/3 Dis (Janda Seperti Gadis)
4. Ber-217-an (Berdua Satu Tujuan)
5. Nyelip gue, gue srempet
6. Apabila supir kawin hubungi 0341-XXXXXXX
7. Ora Sama bin Lain
8. Penjelajah Pantura
9. Cinta Ditolak, Dukun Terbahak
10. New Fear The Me Is 3 (Nyupir Demi Istri)
11. You Cane Tooth, Bread Bread Bread, I am Pinksun (You kentut, bret
bret bret, I am pingsan)
12. Be Young Care Rock (Biang Keror)
13. Anda Frustasi? Mau Bunuh diri. Kami melayani Bulldozer (Tabrakan

Trailer by : pete379jp
Skinflap by : r32zabiser

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