Trailer Pack v 1.8.1

Trailer Pack v 1.8.1
Trailer Pack v 1.8.1

Mod adds huge trailers package for your game.

Krone Coolliner (44 Versions)
Krone Profiliner (57 Versions)
Schmitz S.PR Universal (18 Versions)
Tank trailers (11 Versions)
Food Tanks (7 Versions),
Containers for chemical products (4 Versions)
Semi-silos for bulk solids (6 Versions)
Glass trailers (6 Versions)
20ft trailer with a container (12 Versions)
Semi-double Container 20ft (9 Versions)
Trailer with a 40 foot container (9 Versions)
In total 183 new liveries

Mod adds not only trailers pack but also MB Actros Tandem pack (

Warning!: Some computers may crash when trying to select job, to fix that you must disable “zzzzzzTandemMod+TrailerPack1.8.1.scs” mod.

Game version: 1.4.X


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