Freightliner Classic 120 V 1.0


eurotrucks2 2013-12-03 13-05-14-207

eurotrucks2 2013-12-03 13-06-15-937

eurotrucks2 2013-12-03 13-07-04-651

Mod replaces one original Iveco truck in to Freightliner Classic 120.

Truck is in versions 1.0 but already doesn’t seem to have any major bugs.

Game version: 1.7.X


Power 3
Sergey Baltazar

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1 Comment

  1. Lucas Ford - December 4, 2013, 12:52 am Reply

    My view in first person is very high above the seat and when i look forward i only see the sun blockers and only see about five feet in front of me please help
    THANKS! :)

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