Mega Tuning Mod V 2.1

Mega Tuning Mod V2 by tasos978

eurotrucks2 2013-11-25 12-19-45-647

eurotrucks2 2013-11-25 12-19-50-914

eurotrucks2 2013-11-25 12-21-45-563

This package contains a lot of mods like TruckShop v8.1, Megastore V1.9,and a lot more (14 scs files in folder pacakge)

There is parts for all trucks in game, so it’s too hard to count everything, just test it and you will see everything, it’s kinda fun when there is so much everything to put on your truck (or you can even make whole truck chrome).
Just have fun with it.

Game version: 1.7.X


Many unknown moders.

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1 Comment

  1. paul - January 2, 2014, 4:38 am

    Nice mod it seems. I was wondering if you have mod parts for mercedes actros 3340’s ie, roof horns, front bumper sump guard,front rear (rear axles) mud splash guards instead of the plastic wheell wells. The metal shhet in the mud guard setting allows for wheels to be visible. This arrangement is common herein Kenya.
    Lastly there should be a mod to allow for the cabin to be lowered or adjusted up to a favourable height, actually even the rear diff wheels so as to lieve abit of room between the rear wheels and the wheel plastic wells and ao ooption to remove truck parts like spare tyre on the mp3 and place in its place the 2 presure taks and the batteries a setting with stock MB Actros 3340’s 6×4 for instance.There is also the front bumper gurad i have always wanted to remoove to create more grond room with the bumper and tarmac ground.How about the double air horns found in many Actros, and also the option to reduce the size of the cabin behind the driver seat or all that overhang behind the front tyres that makes the cabin look like a true squire box. How about being able to adjust my cabi abin abit to slant foward slightly? How about getting us a refined ariginal engine sounds and gear change sounds from original trucks?
    Consider all these refinements.
    Million thanx.
    paul, nairobi
    Many thanks for helping us to have a bearable gaming moment.

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