Front loader extension v 1.1 [MP]

Front loader extension v 1.1 [MP] 3

Front loader extension v 1.1 [MP] 1

Front loader extension v 1.1 [MP] 2


I’m just doing a bit eizusteigen the modems, even if only with simple means.
Here, therefore, my first self-built from scratch MOD.

This one is for the front loader, one can thereby extend the reach of the front loader to about 1.5 meters.
This allows you to Easily higher trailer load without ramp, also suitable to operate high shelves without an expensive telescopic handlers to use.

Cost: 1000 € and 2 € per day
Rear weight is an advantage

fits on all front-end loader, but is adapted for Alö console, the Deutz-Fronlader siht it a bit strange because the console is greater.

Control erfollg by Mousecontroll up with the right mouse button and down, so you might as well Easily operate a Silagezange.
And if a little Sinfreu, everyone starts out small ;-)
that as it may, I am working on a new more

wish “loaders” Happy



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