Livestock Feeding Equipment V 1.0


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Pack adds set of tools for you to easier feed your animals.

You will get:
-Tanco CleanaFeed (root crop feeder)
-Watson (feed trailer)
-Joskin Aquatrans 3600 (water bowser)
-Kverneland KD710 (diet feeder)
-Vicon KD714 (diet feeder)

-Crops such as barley and wheat can be added to your feed mix
-Joskin Aquatrans can be used to water your animals or refill your greenhouse water supply.
-Tanco CleanaFeed, can even be used as sugar beet or potatoes fodder.

Pack is bugs free and really helpful in your game.

Game version: 2.0 Beta or newer



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  1. Patricia Blanco - December 4, 2013, 8:54 am Reply

    Having these equipments can really be helpful in farming and feeding livestock. It can definitely finish work faster and boost productivity. They’re quite expensive though. Farming is a big investment after all.

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