Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final

Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final
Two Rivers LS 2013 v1.1 Final

Hello community,
Here’s the final version of the Two Rivers Map. I have your wishes, so far as it appeared to me sensible and achievable, were now built into the card. The map has been further optimized performance, who had problems with the previous version, this attempt here again. Guarantee that it runs on any computer I can not give of course.
Main features of the card:
Location: Salzachtal to Salzburg (Austria), but close to the original fictional landscape
Court: medium Alpenhof with enough storage space for an operation of this size, several barns than other places.
39 fields, 19 grasslands (with some small meadows that are close together have only one number)
Standard Fruit from LS 2013, cow, sheep and poultry farm
A lovingly designed small village, diverse objects, break up the landscape, a beautiful Alpenhof, BGA etc.
An accurate description of what’s selling where you can, where there is fertilizer and diesel, etc., is with the zip, besides the list of credits for the map and a PDA with labeling as an overview map.
Traffic on the map works, the milk truck picks up the milk. Collisions of various objects off for Course Play Player.
Rotting off and missions, PDA symbols are adjusted.
Old Scores are no longer available!
A special thank you for trying the map go to deep blue and Hoschi97. Thanks for your sacrificed leisure! Furthermore, I say thank you to the many donors feedback, named representative: Peene Bauer, From Bavaria, G-nium, Ekkehard. And a huge thanks to JakobT for the making of the new PDA Map and frisco0177 for the release of its trailer and the tongs for food storage

Installed at the feed store cow pasture, all storable foods (thanks to frisco0177) –
- Ball bearings on the cow pasture added
- Silagesilo doubled in the cow pasture
- Trigger on the cowshed revised again, he does finally flawlessly his service
- Built manure storage to the nursery (in the open space), to facilitate the greenhouse supply (filling the trailer with the food warehouse)
- Manure storage at the old silo to the BGA built for faster filling of manure spreaders
(Filling the trailer with the food warehouse)
- Revised outlets (delivery options)
- All the trees replaced even dated from LS11 version by trees with LOD of Giants and clip distance of 600 to 500 reduced (performance reasons)
- Planning the reflective waters of the lakes and mountain creek changed (performance reasons), thanks for the tip on GeneralX
- New PDA map, thanks to JakobT
- Course play off for another collision queries on field boundaries
- Some minor cosmetic repairs

PM’s please limit to the direct support to the map!
Since there are always people out there that are not able to use their computer or read descriptions and make the modders responsible for the comment section is disabled. MEANINGFUL for questions about the map I stand by PM available. Please no remodeling needs!
All the above relates to what is said, please do not forget. Thanks for the positive feedback and for 40000 downloads of the first version. Some you realize what you have invested a lot of time and effort.
No errors when using the original traffic (if they are not in debt by Giants themselves). No UV error messages. All relevant textures in dds format. For Fremdmods no warranty!
The map can be found in other forums only after consultation and with the original download link. Inquiries to please in German or English.
In other forums this map may only be published after previous contact and by using the original link. Please make your inquiries either in German or in English.

Content of Downloads:
Two Rivers Map LS 2013 Final V1.1, hangers and tongs for food storage, credit list, PDA map to print, manual with Map Description
Download, unzip the files in the zip slide modfolder.
Since keep the optical changes in boundaries I have refrained from new images.

Share this Mod with others. Here is the link:

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