Two Rivers Map 1.2

Two Rivers Map 1.2
Two Rivers Map 1.2
Two Rivers Map 1.2
Two Rivers Map 1.2
Two Rivers Map 1.2
Two Rivers Map 1.2
Two Rivers Map 1.2
Two Rivers Map 1.2
Two Rivers Map 1.2
Two Rivers Map 1.2
Two Rivers Map 1.2

Hello English community,
are you tired of playing the standard map and its various modifications? If so, I’ve got something for you – “Two Rivers” adapted to LS 2013.
All selling points and the signposts are in English, so orientation should be easy for you.
Some brief remarks concerning the parameters:
Setting: the Salzach valley around the city of Salzburg in Austria. The landscape is fictitious, but very close to reality.
Farm: a middle-sized alpine farm, comprising a number of facilities common for this type of farm. Some of the country barns provide space for parking vehicles.
Farmland: 39 fields, 19 meadows (some smaller adjacent meadows are grouped under one figure)
Standard fruit as in LS 2013, sheep farming, cattle breeding, chicken breeding.
An carefully designed small village, a variety of detailed objects that create a lively atmosphere, a beautiful alpine farmhouse, a biogas plant, and many more details – just have a look at the pictures, or – even better – have a try!
A detailed description of your options (i.e. what you can sell and where you can sell your produce) is added to the zip. There you’ll also find information about the places in which fertilizer or fuel are available.
Furthermore there’s a list of credits and a PDA with captions, so that you can easily get an overview.
Traffic (including the milk truck) functions properly.
Decomposition and missions are deactivated, PDA-symbols are aligned.
Please note that this map may not be published in other forums without the map owner’s permission and only by using the original link. Please make your inquiries either in German or in English.
Contents of the download:
the Two Rivers Map LS 2013 1.2
trailer and silage fork for the fodder storage place
list of credits
a printable PDA map
manual in English including description of the map
unpack download
move zip file to mod folders

Map: El Cid
Tipper and frontloader tool: Giants

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